Newsletter nº 4 September 29, 2023


Newsletter 4

At the end of June 2023, we shared in Brussels the results and conclusions of Atlantic Smart Ports Blue Acceleration Network (AspBAN), to European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) and the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries from the European Commission (DG MARE).

AspBAN delivered successful solutions that enabled EU Atlantic ports to diversify revenue streams while working towards a sustainable maritime economy, through an impressive collaborative effort:

170 Strategic Partners

⛴️49 Ports & 147 challenges

2 Innovation programs targeting 122 startups

1 Open innovation program enabling 21 pilot projects in negotiations

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This event was organised in the framework of the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas Intergroup (SEArica) of the European Parliament, co-organised by The AspBAN project and The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR).

The seminar was hosted and moderated by MEP Deirdre Clune, SEArica Vice-Chair for the Atlantic. She emphasized the significance of the Blue Economy for the Green Deal and highlighted the pivotal role of ports in achieving a carbon-free economy across various blue sectors.

Ana Pinela, Coordinator of the AspBAN project, shared the impressive results achieved by the project since its launch in 2021. The innovative approach and collaborative efforts of AspBAN have showcased the potential for driving sustainable practices and fostering continuous support and innovation in the Blue Economy.

Leading experts from various sectors including port authorities, startups, and regional governments came together for a panel discussion on shaping the future of ports and the Blue Economy. The discussion emphasized the importance of cross-collaboration, open innovation, and pilot initiatives in driving sustainable and competitive change.

Jesús Medina Blanco, General Director of Information and Innovation at the Port Authority of Algeciras, stated the benefits of participating in AspBAN.

Marta Marin from The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR), emphasized the importance of replicating AspBAN and continuing with similar projects that involve the collaboration of governments, startups, ports, SMEs, corporates, etc.

Julia Coppla, from Bilbao Port Lab, believes AspBAN has raised awareness around innovation. At the port of Bilbao, there is already a new pilot on the table.

AllRead, one of the selected startups during the Open Innovation program, told us about the status of their pilot in the Port of Algeciras and the opportunity to implement their solution in other sports through AspBAN.

As EU institutions, we had the intervention of: Christos Economou, Head of Unit for Sea Basin Strategies, Maritime Regional Cooperation and Maritime Security (DG MARE); Eddy Liegeois, Head of Unit for Transport Networks (DG MOVE) and Josianne Cutajar, SEArica Vice-Chair for SMEs and Digitalisation. They foresee ports as potential hubs for economic growth, highlighting the importance of rethinking their infrastructure and business models.

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On June 7th, the “Sharing Day” event of the European project AspBAN took place.

The project consortium shared the progress made in the development of pilot projects in their respective port ecosystems.

This event highlighted key factors that lead ports to adopt a mindset change, including promoting collaboration and partnerships with the startup ecosystem, openness and flexibility towards new ideas and market demands, as well as the ability to monitor and evaluate the impact of innovation.


Events we have done so far!

Throughout the month of June 2023 our coordinator Ana Pinela has shared the results of the project at the meeting of the Third Meeting of the Subgroup ”Ports as Hubs for a Sustainable Blue Economy” in the framework of experts of the Comission European Ports Forum.

At the previous meeting of members of Docks the Future – Network of Excellence, our coordinator, Ana Pinela highlighted the AspBAN project emphasizing the importance of achieving a sustainable future for the Maritime Industry.


The European Commission showcases the activity and achievements of AspBAN on its website, underscoring its significance and innovation.

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In this section we will continue to introduce various partners of the AspBAN consortium.



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