The Atlantic Smart Ports Blue Acceleration Network (AspBAN) is a project that has been granted funding by the European Union. Focused on developing a dynamic acceleration platform, AspBAN helps EU Atlantic ports work as blue economy hubs.
By becoming the main playground for the development of new blue companies, EU Atlantic Ports have the opportunity to diversify their revenue sources and work towards a sustainable ocean economy.
Ports are one of the primary interfaces with the ocean, which means they will play a strategic role as launchpads for a new generation of blue companies.
Strategic partners network
The Atlantic Smart Ports Blue Acceleration Network (AspBAN) has the support of a large and representative pool of 123 strategic partners and a total universe of 391 ports, from EU Atlantic, Norway, USA, Canada, Colombia, Morocco, Mauritania, India (Goa) and China (Macau):
  • 41 ports and 5 ports associations – 23 belonging to the 4 Atla ntic Strategy Group member countries – AspbAN is also strategic partners with Port of Rotterdam as well as International Port and Harbours Association, which is the world’s largest port association.
  • 15 investment funds and financial institutions.
  • 27 companies
  • 18 blue accelerators & clusters
  • 6 trade associations
  • 11 policy institutions
  1. ldentify 10 common blue economy challenges in the Ports community
  2. Attract 450 startups for the Acceleration program
  3. Achieve a final pool of 30 innovative start – up solutions that will develop pilots in 30 Atlantic ports (22 of Atlantic Strategy Group member countries and 8 from other Atlantic maritime basins)
  4. Attract 6M€ in direct private investment far the final pool of startups
  5. Mobilize 5billion€ of potential private investment (among the 15 investment funds, Dubai Ports World (the world’s largest port operator) is an AspBAN’s strategic partner, which has a private fund of 4,58 USD for investing in ports and maritime infrastructures.
  6. Achieve a reduction of at least 1000 tons of C02 in the operations of the 30 ports
This Project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement No.: EMFF-APC-2020-AspBAN-101033749.