The AspBAN project is related to the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0:
Pillar 1 Ports As Gateways And Hubs For The Blue Economy
Goal 1: Ports as gateways for trade in the Atlantic I Goal 2: Ports as catalysts for business
There is a need and an opportunity for EU Atlantic Port to diversify the revenue sources of their business model, by acting not only in the core areas of cargo and passenger handling, but also being the main playground/ ecosystem for the development of new blue businesses and of a sustainable ocean economy.
There is a need for an acceleration services platform that enables this policy and business need and opportunity.

About AspBAN

The AspBAN project has been awarded funding by the European Union to develop a dynamic acceleration services platform for Atlantic ports to work as blue economy hubs, thus diversifying their business models and revenue sources.

Boost your company!

Are you looking for diversify your business models and revenue sources?

Concerned about the problems and development of the Atlantic ports?

Do you have a startup with an innovative and impactful solution that can contribute to the objectives of the implementation and developement of the Blue Growth in the Atlantic ports to act as hubs of the Blue Economy?

This program will run in a hybrid model and it’s free… So, this call is for you!

What will the winning projects receive?

– Connect with 143 strategic partners of the Atlantic ports;

– Conduct business bootcamp with relevant partners;

– Scale and test the product in a real environment;

– Networking with the startups selected for the Bootcamp;

– Receive personalized mentoring with experts in the Blue Economy sector.

Startups from all over the world that seek to be pioneers in innovation and leaders in sustainability can participate.

The best selected ideas, up to a total of 80, will be able to participate in the Pitch phase. In the next phase, the best ones will be chosen for the Bootcamp (a maximum of 60). Do you want to be one of them? You have until May 6, 2022 to apply, submit your application and get on board.

Don’t waste another minute: find out and sign up!



This Project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement No.: EMFF-APC-2020-AspBAN-101033749.

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