Port of Algeciras
Entity Category
The Port of Algeciras is located at the strategic spot for global maritime of the Strait of Gibraltar and particularly, in the Bay of Algeciras, with excellent natural conditions and advanced port facilities that have allowed to consolidate it among the top EU commercial ports by exceeding the record figure of 100 million tons total throughput.

In fact, The Port of Algeciras, is the 1st Spanish and 4th European port in terms of total cargo and the 6th European port in total container throughput in 2020. Main figures in 2020 are: 107,3 M Tons total traffic, 5,1 M TEUs, 1,5 M passengers (6,1 M passengers in 2019 before Covid-19), 2 M Tons of bunker and 18.322 vessel port calls (29.070 port calls in 2019 before Covid-19), 1.2 million vehicles – more than 370.000 HGVs - that make the Port of Algeciras Bay the maritime bridge between Europe and Africa.

With more than 110.000 ships/year crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, Algeciras is offering a superior quality of service, reliability, completeness, and connectivity promoting a one-stop-shop port concept for vessel services (bunkering, repairs, ship supplies and others). In such a context, Algeciras Port is the first port in Europe in terms of efficiency as regards to the container port performance index (World Bank Group & HIS Markit, 2020) and one of the TOP10 EU ports according to the Port liner shipping connectivity index (LSCI, elaborated by the UNCTAD in 2020).
Avda. de la Hispanidad, 2
11207 Algeciras (Cadiz)
ZIP Code
5° 26 ́ W
36° 8 ́ N
Country name
Main Port traffic category
Containers, Roll-on/Roll-off, Liquid Bulk, Other general cargo, Passenger
Total Tonnage (millions tonns/year)
107,3 millions tonns/year (2020)
TEU (number of containers moved each year)
5,1 millon TEUS/year (2020)
Principal Facilities
Maritime access channel, Port entrance, Breakwaters and shore protection works, Sea locks, Quay walls, jetties and finger piers, Aids to navigation, buoys and beacons, Vessel traffic management system (VTMS), Access roads, Terminal lighting, Parking areas, Repair shops, Cargo handling equipment (apron and terminal), Tugs

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